Friends With Benefits Rules


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A friend with benefits is almost like a side dish, yep, sadly so. There’s a lot of can’t do this, not allowed things, after all she’s just a friend you have fun with behind closed doors.

Don’t knock her up
This one’s kinda obvious, you two are just having fun, not planning on starting a family. Have fun, but be responsible dawg.

No Emotional Intimacy
She’s not you bae, don’t be catching feelings on some, why weren’t you not answering my calls or on some i saw you standing with so and so. Dawg, she’s not you main, beware of emotional intimacy.

No Dates
You’re in it only for casual sex. Stick to that. Do not treat it like a relationship. Do not go out for dinners or movie dates. Stay away from any attachment or one of y’all will get hurt.

Be Honest
This is important, both of y’all need to know where you stand. Understand that this arrangement is always going to end, mostly, abruptly. Do not start depending on her presence in your life. Remember that it’s just a temporary fix.

Keep It Short
If you over stay, one will catch feelings and even though its always easier for ladies to catch them, it might be you dawg. The shorter it is, the safer it ends. With time, it only gets more complicated.

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