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BM. Hello, please tell the bachelors admiring you about yourself.
Thato. I am no ordinary being. I’m a trend setter, a model, outgoing, I love fast cars and am also initiative and self-motivated, high energy level, ability to communicate coz I’m obvious loud lol. Critical-thinking and reasoning abilities, ability to multi-task and I am very persistent. I’m free spirited, but not in a bad way lol and not forgetting how wild I can get at times.
BM. Lol okay ms wild at times, where’s home?
Thato. Home is Soweto Meadowlands, was born bred and buttered in the ghetto hey.Thato_2
BM. I’m now curious, what brings out your wild side?
Thato. Hahaha lol well nothing illegal don’t panic. Well being around my friends and family brings out the best and wildness in me. I certainly think that being at the most comfort zone allows me to be the real me without worrying about what the other person thinks about Thato.
BM. Ah that’s boring, here we were expecting to hear a couple of shots and then  dancing on tables type of wild.
Thato. Lol I’m afraid there’s no such lol. I wish I could dance on top of the tables though.
BM. You know what, when we throw a mild party – you can come table-dance-intern lol.
Thato. Cool, just make sure you give me a bottle of vodka. Wouldn’t do that sober minded.
BM. You’ve just made our day. Okay You so fine man, that body – is it all God given or you also put in extra work at the gym.
Thato. I woke up like this. Well I don’t gym nor diet. Blessed I am.
BM. That you are indeed, damn. Okay we are getting distracted now. Have you ever given a lap dance?
Thato. Nope, but I’d love to give more than that in future. I’m talking about having a stripper pole in our (future hubby and I) bedroom.
BM. Ah lucky man he shall be. On that note, any man in your life we should hate, lol.
Thato. Lol uhm yeah I’m seeing someone.
BM. Eish day just got ruined now.
Thato. Lol, don’t worry we can bench him if we can Lmao. Kidding!
BM. Lol almost jumped for joy there.
Thato. Lol hahaha, but on the real that can be arranged.
BM. Again we getting distracted here. What’s your drink of choice?
Thato. White wine and coffee.
BM. Ok, let’s throwback for a moment – fondest memory that still brings a smile to your face.
Thato. When I got my first qualification and made my mom proud coz I’ve always been a trouble child.
BM. Now that’s what’s up. You say first qualification, how many do you have?
Thato. I’m trying to get my second qualification in Transport and Logistics management. That’s what I’m currently doing.
BM. What does it take to win your heart?
Thato. A humble, loving, caring, trustworthy, committed, stable, fun, extraordinary, clean, independent and reliable man. I need a soldier someone who’s gonna save me in tough and rough times. Now that’s my hearts winner.
BM. Have you tried the lobola app?
Thato. Nope I haven’t.  I’m too young for such. Still got a bright future ahead before I can start making such major decisions lol don’t get me wrong,  it’s not that I don’t wanna get married, but I cant handle my own relationship at times so I don’t think I can handle marriage at this age.
BM. What car do you feel is your match?
Thato. Jeep wrangler, oh my word I love that car like crazy – in my mind I’ve already painted a picture of my gorgeous self in that sexy car.
BM. And what team has your full support?
Thato. None lol they are all a bunch of losers, *Mbalula’s voice* Kidding I’m a Mamelodi Sundowns babe.
BM. What?!? From Ndofaya to supporting Motsepe’s boys.
Thato. Where the paper is, that’s where you’ll find me.
BM. And what type of gigs do you like shaking what your mama gave you at?
Thato. I enjoy live concerts the most. I’m really not into clubbing.
BM. And how do you unwind?
Thato. By simply having a few classes of wine with my girls and twerk the life outta me.
BM. Are we allowed to come watch the twerking?
Thato. Yeah why not ? Lol I’ve never done it in public before, but there’s always a first time for everything.

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  • J007

    Wow, now this a beauty of international standards…
    Innocent eyes…Check!
    Beautiful lips…Check!
    Drop dead gorgeous figure…Check!
    I’m speechless!

  • Masephokoana Lato Mopeli

    She is on point. Love da body, skin, attitude and yeah… she is blessed indeed #AfricanBarbie
    Would like to see u working it on them tables so Hala wen u free n we’ll hook something up :)

    • thando

      how do we get in contact with you Lady Thuli ..hala your email running a massive modelling agency ..or contact me @

  • pugz

    She is killing it!!

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  • HorseOfPangor

    Ok. Why is this site still alive, and why are the women so ugly compared to 2009-10?