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BM: Please let us into your world a bit…
Robyn: I’m Robyn, I’m a student and also a part time model. I spend most of my time taking pictures, I love clothes and I’m a very down to earth person. I’m originally from Naturena, but currently staying at Dobsonville.
BM: What attracted you to modelling?
Robyn: Its passion, I grew up doing pageants so one day I woke up and I just wanted to be a model.
BM: What is your guilty pleasure?
Robyn: It has to be fat cakes. I feel guilty after having them because I told myself I’ll never eat them again, but I just love em
BM: What type of dudes do you like?
Robyn: Calm, friendly, ambitious and very tall.
BM: What happens when a short man charms you?
Robyn: Probably give him a chance to talk and see if he meets all the needs i need in a guy
BM: What the one thing ninjas say the most when they slide into your DMs
Robyn: They say I’m hot and sexy
BM: What must a ninja do to win your heart?
Robyn: Give me attention that I need and also be loyal and truthful all the time. There’s nothing sexier than a guy who’s able to resist temptation
BM: What sport team has your heart?
Robyn: Orlando Pirates
BM: And which player do you find the sexiest?
Robyn: It has to be Oupa Manyisa