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BM: Please share a bit of your world with us…
Palesa: I’m from Meadowlands, Soweto and I’m currently studying logistics and doing part time modelling
BM: What attracted you to modelling?
Palesa: Lol, guess I was driven by passion and I’m very comfortable in my skin and again I also followed my cousins footsteps. I also wanted to change the perspective of the “fact” that people say you need to be thin and tell to be a model
BM: Do you feel that perception has changed?
Palesa: Yeah it is, slowly but surely it won’t happen overnight, but there’s already girls like Thick Leyonce who are trying to instil it into people that there’s no perfect body for modelling… As African women we have meat in all the right places why not flaunt it😂🙈
BM: What type of men are you attracted to?
Palesa: Oh my God🙈 lol, to think I’m single and guys don’t even wanna approach me, I don’t even know what’s their reason. I’m into driven guys, respecting, fun, funny, tall, well built, well dressed lol the list goes on and on
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BM: What kind of things must a ninja do to win your heart?
Palesa: The little things man, you don’t have to woo me with materialistic things but your time that’s all I ask for
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BM: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Palesa: Lol, I don’t know hey mmm. OMG none I can think of🙈, does that mean I’m boring😂
BM: Lol maybe … Okay before we judge you boring, what the craziest thing you’d like to do?
Palesa: Lol, go skinny dipping with friends on a road trip
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BM: What’s your kinda turn up?
Palesa: Chilled vibes with friends or my family, having a good conversation with drink oh, and I’m huge fan of braai’s
BM: What’s your drink of choice?
Palesa: Cocktails are my favourites especially Mainstay strawberry dac
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