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BM: Please share your world a bit with us…
Max: Well, I’m a singer, dancer, actress, and model. I’m originally from the Free State, Bloemfontein. I moved to JHB to study at AFDA and graduated in 2013. I’ve been working as a freelance artist ever since.
BM: Have your acted in anything we might have seen?
Max: No I haven’t. I’ve pretty much taken a break from acting since I graduated. I don’t really like what I see on TV. 😏 Besides that, I enjoy making films more than TV series. I’m a big screen kinda girl. Haha
BM: What attracted you to the career in arts?
Max: My entire life! Haha. It’s all I’ve ever known, all I’ve ever wanted to do. I’m a entertainer by heart. I grew up around some interesting people, I was always entertained as a child. From singing in church, to community talent shows. The people around me inspired me with their beautiful talents. Just a pitty not all of us have the same opportunities in life. Who knows what we could become.
BM: What type of guys are you attracted to?
Max: I find myself attracted to guys very opposite to me in a general sense. I suppose it keeps things fresh and balanced. I can get bored easily (*whispers* don’t bore me!) lol. But overall I like a man who’s ambitious, an intellectual, family driven and a natural leader. I want to feel safe with him. Preferably very handsome and muscular with a little bit of a G swag🙊. Oh and he must dress well. I’m not gonna tell  him how to dress but whatever it is, he must own it.
BM: What’s the one thing men get wrong about you?
Max: Hahahaha, that they can control me. They get it so wrong. I don’t need a man to change me. I want someone who can emphasise my strong qualities through allowing me to be my free spirited self and not get intimidated by it. Not all men can accept that, as much as they like to think they could.😉
BM: Free spirited you say, does that mean you will never get married?
Max: That’s incorrect. 🙂 It just means I will not marry if its not the right person. I know what I want and what I have to offer. I wouldn’t settle. I know I will also be fine and happy if I don’t get married. I’ve always been independent. I’m not too concerned about marriage right now. I am still learning a lot of new things about myself, life and love so I just enjoy exploring that for now.
BM: What’s high on your to do list?
Max: Right now, being in studio. I have an album to record, it’s been one of my top priorities this year.
BM: Do you have a title for this album?
Max: Haven’t decided on one yet. It is proving to teach me patience. I believe in trusting the process in ordered to deliver a product true to myself and of quality. Tricky!