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BM: Please share your world a bit with us…
Mahlatse: I’m from Limpopo and I’m currently staying in Pretoria, studying public management with BCC.
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BM: What attracted u to public management
Mahlatse: Mhm, I always had love for politics.
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BM: Is it all those tenders that attracted you to politics lol?
Mahlatse: Lol no, I consider myself a public figure and I’m able to work within multicultural groups.
BM: What is your type of men?
Mahlatse: Mhm confident, romantic and calm
BM: Tall or short and does complexion play a part?
Mahlatse: LOL, I used to go for light skinned guys only, until they all broke my heart. So now I go for dark guys and height doesn’t play a huge part.
BM: What can a guy do to win your heart?
Mahlatse: All he has to do is show me that he can love me, nothing much and I have to be convinced
BM: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done
Mahlatse: When I was in high school, I was supposed to write a test, but I was not ready at all. So I faked being sick, then I slept the whole day in the sick room and at the end of the day, I eventual didn’t write the test😕
BM: And what’s your kinda turn up?
Mahlatse: I prefer to stay indoors I don’t like to turn up