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BM: Please share a bit of your world with us…
Lerato: Hi, I’m from Lichtenberg, I love playing netball, taking pictures and deep house music. I do model part time and also I’m an actress.
BM: Have you acted in anything we’ve seen maybe?
Lerato: I’ve acted in a stage play called Open-Mindedness, it was at the Johannesburg Theatre and another play called Windmill Casino and this one was at the Bloemfontein theatre.
BM: What attracted you to modelling?
Lerato: Boning Matheba inspired me, I really love her she inspires me. She made me want to be a model when she was still presenting the show Live.
BM: What type of dudes are u attracted to?
Lerato: Tall, sexy, must have big eyes, he must be the chilled type and dresses like gentleman. He must also respect women.
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BM: What must that type of dude do to win your heart?
Lerato: Give me his time,attention and respect me
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BM: What’s the most romantic thing a guy can ever do for you?
Lerato: Surprise me with a dress and shoes, then take me out for dinner at a peaceful place, a nice one and treat me like a lady
BM: What’s your most embarrassing moment?
Lerato: When realising that I’m becoming fat and asking money from boyfriend
BM: Why must you feel embarrassed when asking for cash from your bae?
Lerato: Just feel bad because that not the kind of life I want, I want him to give me without asking like he does sometimes